Modern Luxury Hawaii, 

Modern Luxury Hawaii, 


Brought Me Back To My Childhood

“The infusion of the Chinese flavors brought back memories from my childhood. It was easily most enjoyable meals I've had the pleasure of experiencing”

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Great Deal of Experience

“I’m glad to see another strong fine dining option in Honolulu and already have a tasting menu reservation booked for July!.”

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Humbled Chef. Humbled To Live & Work Here

“More successful is a pipipi (sea snail) ragout—a rich, resonant dish that has the snails’ briny chewiness mixing with similarly shaped housemade cavatelli. And what made it even more delicious was finding out that Lee and Kadokawa had plucked the pipipi off rocks on the North Shore themselves that morning. It is the earthiest seafood dish ever.”

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One of My Favorites In The World

"Perhaps more importantly, however, dining out, especially at this level, should be a surprising experience.  And that surprise is one of my primary drivers for dining out.  It is, after all, what makes an excellent meal a truly memorable one.  And I’m happy to say that PAI Honolulu excelled here as well.  ."

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Technique. Flavor. Local Ingredients

“One of the menu’s standout dishes was the agedashi XO turnip cake with flaky smoked akule and bits of papaya in an interesting ti leaf broth. The cake had the consistency of tofu, with a spicy XO kick. My husband said he could eat this all day, every day."

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Top 5 Most Exciting Openings

“Given Kevin Lee’s background at Manhattan’s Michelin-starred Dovetail, it’s no wonder his upcoming resto is one of Honolulu’s most anticipated openings of the year. .”

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