Grumichama - The Brazilian Cherry grown locally in Hawaii

Grumichama, or Eugenia brasiliensis, is a small fruit with a sweet, cherry-like flavor and is endemic to  Southern Brazil. It was introduced to Hawaii in 1791.

It takes 4-5 years before the tree starts to bear fruit and in Hawaii, the main crop is in the fall, but trees produce fruit throughout July - December. This tree grows best from sea-level up to an altitude of 300 ft. 

The Grumichama tree produces thousands of beautiful, white four-petaled flowers with about 100 white stamens and yellow anthers per flower. The fruit is small, with a  large seed and four green sepals. the fruit starts off green and as it ripens, turns bright red, then to a beautiful dark purple, nearly black color. 

Photo Apr 27, 4 55 53 PM.jpg

We received this beautiful fruit from our local farmer at Kolea Farms. It has commonly been used as an edible decoration, turned into jellies and syrups and has even been used as a hot sauce base! We can't wait to see what our Chef's create! Stay tuned!

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